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Are you unsure whether we also work in your area? You are certainly in the right place for unblocks at your location! We help our customers with unblocking and other activities in the Netherlands.

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Call us on   085-0190039  you will immediately get one of our plumbers on the phone.

Boiler repair and service

Best boiler and central heating repair specialists

We provide a 24/7 service

We provide a 4 hour callout service. As soon as you call us, we will head as quickly as possible to your property so we can fix your problem and you can get on with your day.

Plumber service offers a full range of services for all your plumbing problems in your building. Our professional experts branch out far beyond waterworks. We also do maintenance, installation and repair.


General plumbing services

Our expertsare capable of repairing all kind of plumbing problems. It doesn’t matter whether you have a leaking kitchen tap or a running pipeline. With Plumber Amsterdam you are in the right hands and your problem will be solved efficiently and quickly. If you experience a slow draining sink, clogged toilet or bath, low water pressure, running toilet, problems with your water boiler or a faulty water heater you should ask help from a professional.
Give us a call at any time of the day and we are there to help you.



Flooding can be caused by blocked drains and gutters. Serious flooding isn’t only extremely inconvenient, but it can also damage the interior and exterior of your home or workplace. Water flooded outwards from a drain can cause serious health issues. The water from the drain contains bacteria that can lead to infections and respiratory issues. Unclogging is one of our most frequent services. 

Plumber service is capable to unclog any kind of pipe or drain as we will always bring the right equipment with us. Moreover, we give advice on how to avoid getting the pipes or drains clogged again. Never throw any litter or oil in the toilet or sink.




We are he solutions for all your plumbing problems

What can we do for you?

Unclogging services

General plumbing services

We provide 24/7 services

100% Competitive Prices

What can we do for you?

Boiler repair and service

Best boiler and central heating repair specialists
Features which define our plumbing service best is trustworthiness and professionality. We are known for our reliability and transparency. Our work revolves around our customers and we want to see them content the moment we leave the property. We try to use the latest technology so we can deliver the best quality. We have years of experience and offer you the best service with the quickest solutions.

We continuously train our specialists in order for them to be always fully informed and so that they will improve their skills. Besides basic maintenance and plumbing we are also specialised in boiler and central heating repair. This is a very important issue as it can be very upsetting to be left without warm or hot water. Without hot water taking a simple shower won’t be possible anymore. You need a professional to take care of it so you can live your life comfortably again.

What kind of boiler service do we offer?

If you are looking for a professional and qualified plumber then you are at the right address. We can solve all of your boiler issues. Our team is always very quick and handy. Our experts have years of experience and are being trained frequently. When you notice a problem with your modern heating system it is not easy to diagnose the problem. Also, when calling any other company they won’t give you advice beforehand. Moreover, not every plumbing service provides a wide range of services. We cover most problems in terms of boiler servicing. Some common boiler issues are:

  • Boiler suddenly stops working
  • Burst or leaking pipes
  • No hot water
  • Safety checks for property owners or landlords

Whenever you notice that there isn’t any hot water running or when a pipe is leaking, it is recommended to call for help. You can call us 24 hours a day. Also, for landlords or property owners, we also do regular checkups to see if everything is still safe and working well. 

We can also replace your old one. When installing a new and modern model boiler you will save money over time. 

Boiler and central heating repair

When detecting a problem concerning your central heating system it is difficult to know the exact problem. With the help of our team and their expertise they can quickly identify the problem. Day in and day out they repair the most complicated boilers and no situation is too hard to handle for them. 

Thanks to years of experience and training our experts will solve any boiler or central heating problem. We try to make sure our customers can save their money. We also make sure our customers are happy when we leave their property. Did you find a puddle of water underneath the tank or is your boiler making unusual noises? Is there 

no more water pressure or no more warm water, then we can help you. Call us anytime of the day, even at night,  and we are there for you. Plumber service will solve all your boiler or central heating problems very quickly and efficiently. 


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We work in the Netherlands and nationally

We are the solution for all your plumbing problems

Best boiler service with efficient and affordable solutions 

For every boiler problem there is a solution while taking the needs of our clients into account. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. We acknowledge the fact that there are many different boiler models out there. Every type of boiler requires a different kind of approach. 

We always try to repair your boiler as efficient and affordable as possible. Transparency is of 

paramount importance within our company. We don’t charge any hidden fees and we always make an appointment as soon as possible. Our repairmen speak English as well.

Whether you need a professional for regular maintenance or repairing, we are one phone call away. Do you have boiler problems? Please don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.

Our customers
Here you can read why customers rate us so high.

Trusted service 24/7

Our customers rate us a 4,8/5

1 review

“Our toilet flooded quite late at night and we couldn’t reach any plumber. We came across this website and decided to call. Luckily someone picked up the phone and within 30 minutes a friendly plumber showed up at our house and solved the problem. 

Thank you again for your quick service!”

1 review

“Yesterday I called to make an appointment for our central heating boiler and it’s already fixed today. Happy to know who I should call the next time for a checkup.”

Claire Hajer
1 review

“My dishwasher wasn’t a simple installation because of the fact that builders had utilized odd sized plumbing, however Plumber Service did an excellent work of cutting as well as capping off old pipe and even installing new pipes. Now the dishwasher works flawlessly.”

1 review

“They were excellent to work with. The plumber ensured I knew when he was arriving. He did a great work and ensured that I was pleased with whatever he had done before leaving. I would highly recommend this plumbing company to family and friends.”

Nikky Bracke
2 reviews

“Thank you for the support!”

1 review

“I was really fed up with my lukewarm baths, so I decided to search online to find a great plumber to fix my cold/ hot water mixer on the hot water tank. This company came to help. They were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. After listening to me and a look at my cold/ hot water mixer and hot water tank they found it was not working like it should so offered me an estimate and on my approval fixed it quickly.”

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We are the solution for all your plumbing problems

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