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We work in Utrecht

Maximum radius of 30 km

Need a plumber for emergency in Utrecht?

Are you unsure whether we also work in your area? You are certainly in the right place for unblocks at your location! We help our customers with unblocking and other activities in Utrecht.

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Is your place of residence not listed here? It is quite possible that we can still be of service to you, in that case please contact us immediately.

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Call us on   085-0190039 – you will immediately get one of our plumbers on the phone.

Plumbing repair service 

You’ve come to the right address

Plumber Service Utrecht

Plumber service Utrecht is the best plumbing service if you are looking for a reliable and professional plumber. Our plumber is available in all regions of Utrecht and also in the nearby cities. When you are having a plumbing problem, we understand that you don’t want to wait for too long in order to make an appointment. This is why we offer a 24 hour service. 

It includes drainage cleaning, leaking detection and repair. clearing clogged toilet, repairing plumbing installation, water boiler repair and placement. If you have any issues with any of the above, then please contact us. Don’t hesitate and give us a ring.


Boiler repair

The warm water boiler is very essential for your daily life at home and at work. When you have problems with the boiler, that can lead to frustrations and disruption of your day. When your boiler is leaking it can cause damage and it’s also a danger. In that case it’s best to get help from a professional.

They will detect the problem and solve it. When your boiler doesn’t work anymore you can’t start your day as you won’t be able to take a shower or simply turning on the central heating during the cold months. In that case you need a reliable and experienced repairman who is going to give you a price indication beforehand.


Plumbing service with high standards

A clogged drain is one of the most common problems. Clogging can have several causes and it’s not an easy task to detect what exact the problem is. Before determining what the problem is, you need to know why a drain is clogged. The main cause is dumping dirt and oil down the drain. Doing this regularly, can cause serious clogging problems. Also, you should not neglect cleaning.

Clogging can’t always be prevented, so when you notice your kitchen sink, bathtub, shower cabin or toilet is clogged, contact us and we will come help you. Our repairmen are qualified and on the standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Drain and Sewer clearing services

Clogged skin drain


Tiolet clogged

Diswahser clogged


Bathroom clogged


Kicthen drain clogged


Glutter clogged


What can we do for you?

Emergency plumber service Utrecht

We provide an emergency plumber service in Utrecht and surroundings. A problem with your boiler, plumbing system or clogged bathroom can cause severe damage in your building. That’s why we offer this 24 hour service so that in case of emergencies we can come and solve your problem. 

When having plumbing issues time is very crucial. The longer you wait to call a professional the more damage you will be left with. Do you experience any of these problems? Don’t hesitate any longer and call us. We are always available and ready to help you, even middle in the night.

Water boiler installations

Not all water boilers can be repaired. If you have a leaky tank you may need to replace it. We are happy to help you choose a new energy-smart tank model if you need to replace your water heater. Our team can also help you with advising on what type may help you with saving on utility bills. Plumber service Utrecht can resolve your problem correctly the first time. Our service team carries all of the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools.

Plumber Utrecht

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Sewer and drain

A clogged drain can be very annoying and it can be clogged because of numerous reasons. It often happens when people dump a large quantity of waste down the drain, such as food, grease etc. Things that can be clogged are your: bathtub, bathroom, sink and toilet. Do you notice clogging, leaking pipes or is the water not flowing through? Then you will have to call an expert. 

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What can we do for you?

Unclogging services

General plumbing services

CV Maintenance

Leak detection

Our customers

Here you can read why customers rate us so high.

4.8/5 | 186 reviews

Anne Bijvank
1 review

“Our toilet flooded quite late at night and we couldn’t reach any plumber. We came across this website and decided to call. Luckily someone picked up the phone and within 30 minutes a friendly plumber showed up at our house and solved the problem. 

Thank you again for your quick service!”

1 review

“Yesterday I called to make an appointment for our central heating boiler and it’s already fixed today. Happy to know who I should call the next time for a checkup.”

Claire Hajer
1 review

“My dishwasher wasn’t a simple installation because of the fact that builders had utilized odd sized plumbing, however Plumber Service did an excellent work of cutting as well as capping off old pipe and even installing new pipes. Now the dishwasher works flawlessly.”

1 review

“They were excellent to work with. The plumber ensured I knew when he was arriving. He did a great work and ensured that I was pleased with whatever he had done before leaving. I would highly recommend this plumbing company to family and friends.”

Christiaan Bakker
2 reviews

“Thank you for the support! Im happy with my toilet its look new and clean. Its smells normal thank you”

1 review

“I was really fed up with my lukewarm baths, so I decided to search online to find a great plumber to fix my cold/ hot water mixer on the hot water tank. This company came to help. They were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. After listening to me and a look at my cold/ hot water mixer and hot water tank they found it was not working like it should so offered me an estimate and on my approval fixed it quickly.”

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