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“Very flexible and fast. Thinking in solutions and not in problems ensure that everything is neatly connected. Take your time and explain everything well and clearly. Processing time of appointment after arrival is very fast, super service !.” 

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“Our toilet flooded quite late at night and we couldn’t reach any plumber. We came across this website and decided to call. Luckily someone picked up the phone and within 30 minutes a friendly plumber showed up at our house and solved the problem.”

1 review

“ helped us quickly, friendly and for a good price in urgently replacing our toilet.”

1 review

“My dishwasher wasn’t a simple installation because of the fact that builders had utilized odd sized plumbing, however Plumber Service did an excellent work of cutting as well as capping off old pipe and even installing new pipes. Now the dishwasher works flawlessly”

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“They were excellent to work with. The plumber ensured I knew when he was arriving. He did a great work and ensured that I was pleased with whatever he had done before leaving. I would highly recommend this plumbing company to family and friends.”

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“Thank you for the support! Im happy with my toilet its look new and clean. Its smells normal thank you”

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“I was really fed up with my lukewarm baths, so I decided to search online to find a great plumber to fix my cold/ hot water mixer on the hot water tank. This company came to help. They were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. After listening to me and a look at my cold/ hot water mixer and hot water tank they found it was not working like it should so offered me an estimate and on my approval fixed it quickly”

2 reviews

“Called and received an expected time of arrival within 30 minutes. Polite plumber then solved the problem smoothly.
Phone number put directly in my phone, you never know!
Recommended! Good luck men!”

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“Called for help in the event of a blockage via Was treated kindly, was given a clear explanation of the state of affairs and was immediately informed of the level of the fixed rate. Within a few hours the plumber was at the door who immediately solved the problem neatly and professionally. Top and thanks !!”

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“Helped quickly, professionally and friendly. Plumber observed “corona rules”, professionally!”

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“Repairing a pierced water pipe. The plumber very quickly came to my request to fix it. He did that in a very professional way and repaired it in a very short time. I am very satisfied with this plumber.”

3 reviews

“Plumber was perfectly on time, the tap was assembled quickly and professionally.
In short: Half-timbered. Thanks again for arranging and nice contact!”

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“Shower and kitchen. Was done really professionally. Friendly plumber.
Appointment was also quickly made.
Good business
highly recommended for anyone who quickly needs a good and affordable plumber.”

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